About LitigAid

At Litigaid, we are advisors with longstanding inhouse experience in the conduct of court proceedings in the U.S. Our strength is the inter-disciplinary approach as our team consists of legal practitioners and economists. We have initiated, conducted and completed legal U.S. proceedings in excess of 100 cases – at all times with extraordinary success. Hence, we command detailed knowledge of the U.S. legal market.

Our experience shows that in particular the evaluation and potential cost reduction in connection with U.S. litigation is a complex undertaking and requires high attention. Our vast experience, enabled us to negotiate numerous cost efficient and transparent mandate and fee arrangements with law firms (often deviating from market standard).

We have experienced that a successful U.S. litigation requires the company to deploy significant resources and commitment to the case. We would like to assist you with our knowledge, experience and vast professional network in the U.S.