Our Services for you:

We advise you comprehensively in the context of U.S. litigation or other cases where U.S. procedural laws are applicable (for example in connection with arbitration or discovery proceedings). Our advise does not constitute legal advise but a complementary service with the goal to conduct U.S. disputes on a level playing field that means more professional and, thus, more successful, transparent and on commercially more favorable terms.

In case you are defendant in a lawsuit, we offer our assistance for the entire course of the U.S. legal proceedings, i.e. starting with the first actions in response to the complaint carrying through the – successful and cheapest – solution of the proceedings.

We would also be pleased to assist you in your role as a (potential) plaintiff in identifying claims, financing and conduct of the litigation in the U.S. In case of a favorable court ruling, we support you with the enforcement of your claim in enforcement proceedings.

With our long-standing experience we help our clients in selecting the appropriate law firm, convincing experts and other servicers as well as in devising innovative fee structures. In addition, we assist you from the outset in setting-up the appropriate procedures to avoid unnecessary costly mistakes. Finally, we take on the close monitoring plus periodical reporting of your U.S. lawsuits among others with a particular focus on beneficial settlement opportunities and assistance in court-ordered or out-of-court conducted settlement negotiations (mediation). Our monitoring services most certainly include cost-monitoring of third-party servicers (such as lawyers and E-Discovery Vendors) as well as assistance in your communication with your board or committees and auditors.

Why retain us:

From our experience, German companies are not or just rudimentarily familiar with the specific character of U.S. litigation. Consequently, they either directly refer to the known international law firm or a partner law firm of their legal advisors. That may but needn’t necessarily be the best choice in each case. As a matter-of-fact, we do cooperate with global law firms as well. On many occasions, however, this may not be the law firm, which serves your interests the most in the specific case. Moreover, you considerably lose control over costs. Also, you are missing a sparring partner who knows the legal market in the U.S. and who – beyond the pure legal evaluation of the case – acts exclusively in your interest and makes recommendations to you.

Our paramount asset is our independence. We do not work continuously with one specific law firm or specific third-party servicers but identify from our network or even beyond that such advisors who will offer the best services for a reasonable fee. We do not obtain fees or kickbacks from law firms. We render our services solely in your interest.